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15 Best Chrome Extensions to Install Right Away

15 and FREE Best Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world followed by Safari, Edge. Since Chrome is becoming more popular, the developers are developing some really good extensions to ease the tasks that we do on the internet via browser. In this post, I’ll list down best chrome extensions that you can get for Free and simplify things you do with chrome browser.

Today when most of the tasks are being done through computer, the browser plays an important role. Whether you are paying your electricity or gas bill, shopping  online, checking e-mails, browse websites or have to do anything else, its important to get a good web browser. When we speaks of good web browser, the first choice comes in my mind is Google Chrome.

the best chrome extensions free

Google Chrome comes with plenty of features that has completely changed the way how we use a web browser. There are lots of great in-built features such as you can export (print) a page in PDF or open PDF file with Google chrome in case you don’t have PDF reader installed etc.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browser that has captured big chunk of world’s population browsing internet via Desktop as well mobile devices. According to StatCounter, Google Chrome is accountable for massive 54.57% of total Browser Market Worldwide (Oct’16- Oct’17) followed by Safari at 14.59%, UC Browser at 7.86%, Firefox at 6.08%, opera and IE.

StatCounter-browser-ww-monthly-201610-201710Browsers share

It is pretty clear from above chart that Google Chrome is way ahead of other web browsers and that explains it’s popularity.

Best Chrome Extensions

There are some really cool and best chrome extensions that you can get for the browser for free and manage your tasks. For example if you have to remember lots of passwords of websites you’ve created account at, there are many best chrome extensions for the same. Similarly if you want to take screenshots and edit, we have the best chrome extensions for the same as well.

We have created a list of some best chrome extensions based on research and feedback of the users. We collected data about the general stuff that the users do via browser and created a list of best chrome extensions that the users can download and do tasks faster and in a better way. Take a look at the list.

List of Best Chrome Extensions that you can download for FREE

LastPass: Free Password ManagerDownload

If you are the person who browses many website and registers for an account on those website, a password manager can save lot of your time. Or if you are someone who is pretty bad at remembering password, LastPass can help you in various ways. It has been downloaded by 6.6 million users and rated 5.5 out of 6.

Password Manager

Whether you have to save your username & password for Facebook, Twitter, Amazon or at any other website, LastPass do this job for you. You can store all these credentials on Lastpass which is protected by a master password that keeps your data safe from being accessed by other person than you.

You can store your credit card information so that next time you shop online, you need not to pick your credit card and enter all the details again.

LastPass can be accessed from any computer or mobile devices. Its just you have do download the extension or the app and have all the passwords synced.

You can save the documents such as PDF files, Word documents, Images or video files with LastPass Chrome Extension. It has been selected as PCMag editor’s choice and it is one of the  best chrome extensions in this category.

Honey – Download

If you are shopaholic and search for coupons and deals on the when you purchase stuff online, Honey Chrome extension is something you must get right away.

Honey Chrome Extension

Honey extension searches for coupon and apply at the time of checkout so that you save money on the product you are ordering online.

All you have to do is press Honey button at the time of checkout and it will apply coupon automatically to your shopping cart. It support the major eCommerce giant- Amazon and brings you the best deal.  If you have Honey Chrome extension installed, you need not to search for the coupon on the internet as it does the job for you. Get this extension now and start saving !

AdBlock – Download

Browsing internet is not as peaceful as it used to be few years back. Some of the websites are so annoying that when you open them, you have several other popup windows opened automatically. While some are genuine advertisements, some other websites could be very dangerous for your computer.

Adblock extension

Some websites have popup ads activated that open itself when you browse these websites, some other have got weird banners that you don’t want to see on the website. Moreover, these banners are placed so strategically that they get clicked accidentally and take you to the websites that you were not intended to.

It become even worse when these ads install malware on your computer without permission which ultimately slows down the browser and sometimes completely destroys it !

Adblock is one of the best chrome extensions that blocks all these ads and give you peaceful browsing experience. You can customise the settings based on your preference so that you block only those ads which you want to. Take a look at our article: Adblock Vs Adblock Plus

Hole: Free VPN

While many thing are being done through internet, few websites are blocked to be browsed for particular group of people. Moreover, if you want to be anonymous while browsing a particular website, a VPN can do this job.

Hola chrome extension

Unlimited Free VPN Hola is one of the best chrome extensions for getting a new IP of different countries so that your real personally identifiable information is not recorded by the website you are accessing. Few websites collect lots of information about you to analyse your behavior, for example which country you are from, what all web page of the websites you browsed through, what browser you were accessing their website etc.

Hola is a free VPN which you can download for Chrome for FREE and enjoy the content which is not available in restricted in your country.

ZenMate – Download

ZenMate is yet another FREE VPN that could be used as an alternative of HOLA VPN. You can use it at first place itself instead of HOLA VPN. You can access all those websites and videos which are blocked in your country by getting IP of different countries.


Avast Online Security – Download

There are lots of untrustworthy websites that may infect your computer with a virus/malware. With Avast Online Security chrome extension installed on Chrome browser can help you figure out which website is safe for browsing before you actually open it.

Avast Online Security

If you have it installed, you will see Green check sign in Google search results that shows the website is trustworthy an safe for browsing.

Evernote Web Clipper – Download

Forget bookmarking and save the webpage directly that you want to check later. Customise the clipper as per your preference such as color, text etc.

evernote web clipper

Momentum – Download

Momentum is your daily source of motivation and must get chrome extension. Get new photos and inspirational quotes daily right on your desktop with this extension. Moreover, you can create a to-do list to keep track of the work that you have to complete. It also gives you current day’s weather conditions and forecast what the weather would be like today or in coming days.


Magic Actions for Youtube – Download

If you are fond of watching videos on the internet, specially Youtube, this extension can be very interesting for you ! This chrome extension fades out all other things from computer screen and give you similar experience as if you are watching video in a cinema hall. You can watch Youtube video in HD quality apart from having several other options to customise player according to your preference.

Magic actions for youtube

Adblock for Youtube – Download

If you want to block those annoying pre rolled advertisements from Youtube video, get this extension right now and have a peaceful video watching experience.

As the video content is becoming popular now days, more companies are coming forward to tie up with Youtube for the advertisement. These advertisement are pretty disturbing and annoy sometimes.

Adblock for youtube

Video downloader professional- Download

It happens sometimes that you watch some videos on the internet and want to download it but there is no option to download it. In that case if you have this Chrome extension installed, you can download your favorite video in a matter of seconds. Get it now !

Video downloader professional

Awesome Screenshot- Download

Taking screenshot of a webpage or the whole desktop was never easy before. With this chrome extension, you can capture whole screen or part of it. Take screenshot of whole window or select region that you want to take screenshot of. After taking screenshot, you can edit the screenshot with editor installed on your PC/laptop.

Screenshot capture

Take webpage screenshot entirely –  Download

This is yet another great chrome extension for taking screenshot of full window or part of it. After taking screenshot, you can chose to save it in PDF or JPEG.

Take webpage screenshot entirely

Google Mail Checker – Download

Configure your Gmail after installing this plugin and check all the e-mails without login every time to your Gmail account. This is pretty easy to configure and use. It sends notifications when you receive an email so that you don’t miss out those urgent e-mails which are needed to be answered quickly.

Google Mailchecker

Date Saver- Download

If you are on limited internet plan, get this extension to save upon data that you spend while browsing websites. Each website you browse, it results in consumption of data but this extension optimse page you browse and results in saving internet data.

Data Saver

Pixlr Editor- Download

If you don’t want heavy image editing software like photoshop, Pixlr editor chrome extension is a light photo editor with lots of features. Its easy and you need not to download it on your computer (best choice if your computer don’t have much disk space).

pixlr editor

15 Best Chrome Extensions to Install Right Away
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