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How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently

How to Delete a Gmail account

Are you searching for the tutorial on how to delete a Gmail account permanently?  Do you want to know what precautions you must take before deleting Gmail account permanently ?

If the answer is yes, read this article till the end before you head over to delete your gmail account permanently.

Your Gmail account is really important as there is lots of things linked to it such as your Google Plus Profile, E-mail address that has been circulated in your professional network, banks, Paypal etc.

You must consider thinking twice before deciding to delete your Gmail account and if you have really decided to delete it, make sure you take backup and do other important things that I’ve discussed in this article. Because once deleted, all the services and G+ social media profile associated with Gmail will be gone ! Moreover you wouldn’t be able to get contacted through e-mail address as well

Reasons of Deleting a Gmail account permanently

We decide to abandon something that we don’t like or something that becomes troublesome. Why anyone would want learn how to delete a Gmail account or actually want to delete gmail account is solely their choice however below are some major reasons of permanently deleting a account.

SPAM E-mails

You tend to receive emails from the companies you are registered with. It’s a fair marketing practice that they send promotional emails to their customers when there is any offer. Sometimes they simply like to stay in touch with the customers through email by wishing them on special occasions such s birthday.

But if you have registered somewhere where they sell emails to the marketing companies or if you have publicly posted your email, you will start to receive spam emails.

Spam are the email you don’t want to receive. In most of the cases they are irrelevant to you and sent by unknown person. Although its not legal to send unsolicited emails but still we receive hundreds of emails per day.

So one fair reason why anyone would want to delete a account is because he/she wants to get rid of those spam emails that they receive in their’s email account.

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The spam emails are sometimes being sent by the hackers who want you to open the attachment that they have sent through the email. When a user opens malicious attachment a program is automatically run in the background your personal information may be sent to the hacker.

Some SPAM emails have PDF attachment or they want you to click a LINK which takes you to website and through that the hackers get your personal information.

Although Gmail’s email account is very advanced and automatically filter spam email and send them to JUNK E-mails, yet many spam emails land right in the Inbox !

E-mail account is no more in Use

You may decide to delete a account since its been inactive for a very long time since you don’t want to use it. That’s fair idea to delete a gmail account permanently in case you don’t see its use now or in the future.

You’ve got another E-mail account

One may delete its Gmail account since he/she has got a new one. That’s again a valid reason and it makes sense to delete a particular e-mail account if you have got a new one

Security Concerns

Google’s is one of the most reliable and secured E-mail service. It sends out notification if anyone tries to login to your account.

The report it sends contains the IP address of the computer an attempt of login to your Gmail account has made. It also has the location mentioned in the report.

You may consider deleting a gmail account permanently if you notice such kind of activity too often. also sends notification even if its you who logged on to Gmail account but from different location than the usual one. For example if you always use Gmail account from your home and once you have checked from your friend’s house, it will notice the change in IP address and immediately sends you notification about the same.

Gmail also send a report if Gmail account is access through different web browser than the normal one.

So the reasons to delete a account permanently can be different for different people, let’s not dive more into it and move straight to the the procedure of deleting it.

Consequences of deleting a Gmail account Permanently

We hope everything goes well with your account but in case it don’t and you really want to delete a account, below are consequences:

  • You wouldn’t be able to login to your Gmail account ever !
  • All the e-mails along with attachments of this Gmail account will be lost for forever.
  • The companies you are registered with wouldn’t be able to contact you
  • The financial institution such as Banks, Paypal wouldn’t be able to contact you through this email.
  • You will lose the products you’ve purchase through this account.
  • You will lose all the services associated with this account.
  • You will lose all the data you might have stored in GDrive/cloud
  • You will lose your G+ social media profile.
  • You wouldn’t be able to use this email as an option of retrieving lost password of other e-mail if it was given at the time of registration of other account.
  • All the account’s contacts will be lost and everything else which is directly or indirectly associated with this Gmail account.

Prepare to Delete a Gmail account permanently

So if you still want to earn how to delete a gmail account permanently considering its consequences and drawback, follow the procedure that we’ve discussed below.

Before you go ahead and delete Gmail account permanently, you need to prepare yourself for doing so.

Although we can go ahead and delete gmail account straightaway but we at TenTaken would advise the users to take backup of important things to be on a safer side.

Just like It is a good practice to take data backup before formatting a device (for example smartphone /laptop/desktop / tablet etc), its a good thing to take backup of Gmail account before deleting it permanently.

In case anything goes wrong or you need to check e-mail you had received from someone, you may re-store backup and get the emails back.

Here is what we suggest you to do before deleting your Gmail account.

Take Backup of all Products and Services

Google has made taking backup super duper simple. There is a few step backup wizard that will create an archive of all the products and services associated with Gmail account, and sends it our preferred location- Email, Save it in Gdrive, DropBox, OneDrive etc. It sends notification once the backup is ready to download. Take a look at the process:

  1. To demonstrate, I’ll use our Gmail account. To start a backup wizard, Click Here. It will take you to login form as below.
  2. Enter your email and password and hit “Next” Login to
  3. On the next page, you will have the data backup wizard opened. It will list all the products and services associated with this account. We have 27 services and products associated with our account as shown below. Each product has the GREEN CHECK box next to it. Select the items you want to include in the backup wizard. Once selected, click “Next” button at the bottom.How to Delete A Gmail Account
  4. On the next page, it shows how many items you have selected for backup wizard. In our case its 27.  Select file type, we selected .zip. You can define a file size limit, in case the backup file size goes over this limit, it splits file int multiple files. Select how do you want to get backup delivered. Email, OneDrive, or Dropbox. once done, hit “Create archive” button.Gmail Backup
  5. It will take sometime to create backup and deliver through preferred method. You will receive a notification through email once the backup is ready to download. The process may take hours.How to take backup of
  6. Once you receive e-mail, click “Download archive” to download the backup. Backup-prepared
  7. On the next page, you can download the backup in your hard drive and move to next step – Change e-mail.

Change your e-mail address wherever given

So you have created backup and downloaded on your computer or stored it online. Now all your emails and contacts will remain with you and can be restored if needed. The next thing we suggest our readers is to change this e-mail with a new one.

For example if this email was used for creating your Facebook profile, change it to new one. Inform banks, friends, professional contacts and wherever else you think the email was circulated.

Once done, you can go to next and FINAL step to delete Gmail account permanently. Be informed, once account is deleted, you wouldn’t be able to access emails, contacts and every other services and products associated with this Gmail account.

FINAL STEP- How to delete a Gmail account permanently {Step-wise}

The process is very simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps given below and you’ll learn how to delete a Gmail account permanently.

  1. Login to your account. Click here to Login
  2. Click on big round solid circle on the top right corner and click “My Account” Go to my account in Gmail
  3. On the next page you will see user control panel that is used to change password, set security questions and do other things. Click “Delete your account or services” from “Account account preferences
  4. You will be taken to account preference that allows you delete account only or associated data as well.  Delete gmail with or without data
  5. Select “Delete Account and Data” and then you have all the services associated with this account.
  6. Under “Delete your Google Account” you will be given option to download data. You may chose to download and store in your computer. Last step to delete gmail account
  7. After cross checking everything, accept terms and conditions.
  8. The next step is to Click “DELETE ACCOUNT” You are just one step away from deleting a account. Think twice before hitting DELETE ACCOUNT button. (CAUTION: you will lose all the data and associated services once you delete account).
  9. Once you make up your mind about deletion of Gmail account. Go ahead and hit “DELETE ACCOUNT” button and you are done !


You will not be able to login to your again.

How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently
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