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Mobdro APK 2018: Download v2.0.60 Latest Version

Mobdro APK 2018: Download v2.0.60 Latest Version

If you haven’t downloaded Mobdro for your Android or smartphone or Firestick or Kindle Fire HD, then you have been missing out something very entertaining. However, if you have heard about Mobdro app but have no idea what is this all about, how to use it, what all devices we can get this app for, whether its free or paid etc., then bookmark this page because it is going to be the biggest post about Mobdro app on the internet. I will teach readers of this blog to download Mobdro APK 2018 FREE latest version for Android, Kindle fire HD, FireStick, Smart TV etc.

What is Mobdro?

Everyone is having a smartphone in today’s life and the study shows the use of smartphone have increased immensely over the last few years. The smartphone is not just an instrument to make or receive a call, its much more than that.

Your smartphone can be used as alternative of your laptop in case of emergency to send important emails or access to your social media account.

Your smartphone can be used as alarming instrument and even as a remote control of your appliance. All this could become possible because of today’s advanced technology.

In today’s advanced technology, the mobile apps have played an important role. We have a huge collection of mobile phone running Android, iOS, Windows or other operating system and people are taking great advantage of this opportunity.

You have app for making free calls and send messages, you have app to check out weather, to check what your zodiac sign says about you. You have mobile app for everything today.

When it comes to Entertainment, specially the movies and TV shows, one app which is a complete solution of all your online streaming needs is Mobdro !

Mobdro is an Online TV and Movies streaming app which keeps on searching internet for latest movies and tv shows and make it available for you to watch on your android smartphone or the bigger devices such as Android tablets.

Mobro has huge collection of almost 200 channels that you can watch live without having to pay single penny. Yes Mobdro is a FREE source which you can get for your Android smartphone and watch all the movies and TV channels FREE of cost.

Mobdro apk

Mobdro is an online streaming app and requires a reliable internet connection if you want uninterrupted entertainment. If you connection often goes on/off you might not be able to stream video well and it will cause streaming to stop.

If you have watched videos on youtube, you must have noticed that the videos start buffering since your internet connection speed is not good. Same is the case with Mobdro, you need good internet speed to watch videos or tv channels without problem.

Mobdro app is a mobile app which was made for Android smartphone only and there is no iOS or Windows version.

But don’t get disheartened, you can still get it for other platform with the trick that I’m going to discuss later in this article. Mobdro comes as FREE as well premium version.

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Why Mobdro?

When you search for the best Online TV and Movies streaming app on the internet (not any app store), Mobdro app is all you see in the search results.

Lots of people from around the world is downloading Mobdro APK file on their android smartphone or tablet and watching latest movies, tv shows, cartoon channels, news channels, sport channels FREE of cost.

Why Modro is the best Online streaming app is because it is completely FREE. All you have to do is to get unlimited internet plan activated at your home and watch unlimited free movies and channels.

Since its an online video streaming app, it will be consuming lots of internet bandwidth. So if you want to enjoy all the feature of Mobdro app without any problem, get unlimited and reliable internet connection.

Although we have several alternative of this stunning android app but they hardly stand infront of Mobdro app because of huge collection of channels you’ve access to and quality. You will not find any other movies streaming app offering you more than 200 channels to watch for FREE.

The interface is created so well that you wouldn’t be facing any problem in accessing the channels or watch movies.

Everything is arranged systematically and anyone without prior experience can use Mobdro without any problem. There are different categories you can chose to watch videos from and you have podcasts to listen. Below are the categories you can browse:

  • Channels – this category is filled with all the channels that you can watch on Mobdro FREE of cost.
  • News – Browse through different news channels.
  • Sport – If you are a sport freak, this category have lots of favorite channels to watch on your smartphone.
  • Movies – A huge collection of latest and old movies that you can watch right away without having to pay single penny.
  • Shows – All your TV shows are categoriesed under this section. Scroll up and down to find your favorite show and play.
  • Music – The collection of all latest music videos.
  • Gaming – Checkout gaming videos if you are one of those gaming freaks.
  • Animal– If you are animal lover, you have lot of content under this category.
  • Tech – A source of latest tech news and videos
  • PodCast – Best option if you like to listen to podcast instead of watching video.
  • Spiritual – Spiritual channels
  • Other – miscellaneous content.

Mobdro Categories

Features of Mobdro

The features list of Mobdro app is huge and I’ll cut short it down to discuss only the important ones. However, once you have Mobdro app on your smartphone or tablet, you can browse through the app to check out all the functions.

As i I said above, the app is designed so well that anyone with no technical knowledge would be able to use Mobdro app easily. Lets take a look at the important features of Mobdro app.

  • FREE – Everyone loves free stuff and if its FREE movies and channels, nothing can be any better than this.
  • More than 200 channels to watch FREE.
  • Available for Android Smartphone and Tablet.
  • Have FREE as well as Premium version
  • Watch Latest movies FREE
  • Watch latest TV shows episodes FREE
  • Listen to Podcast
  • Content is organised well under different category.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Support for Chromecast
  • Save movies and watch it later

Free and Premium Version

Just like any other app, Mobdro is available as FREE as well as premium version. You can have access to almost all the features if you are a FREE user except three important ones. The premium user will enjoy benefit of below additional features

  1. You can save the movies in your smartphone or tablet and watch it later.
  2. You can watch the movies and TV shows on bigger screen with Chromecast. Mobdro premium version has support for Chromecast.
  3. There will no in-app ads which might cause distraction when you watch movies or TV shows.

Above are the features that will add extra fun if you decide to spend money to buy the premium version. However the FREE version is substantial if you don’t want to spend money.

The only thing is, you may find the ads between the categories and other places which if you accidentally clicked, you take you to the other website.

With premium version, you can also save the videos in your device for later. To watch a movie, you must have to sit for like 1.5 to 2 hours continuously and if you are doing some other stuff while watching movie and pausing it, it wouldn’t be much fun. If you subscribed for premium version, you can download the movie in your device and watch any time you want. There will be no requirement of internet access since the movie has been downloaded on your device.

If you like to watch videos on bigger screen, then the premium version can let you watch movies or TV shows from Mobdro app to your large screen TV with the help of Chromecast. It supports chromecast !

Mobdro App Errors

There is a few errors which people get in general and I’ll discuss them in this section. I will also tell how to fix those error in seconds. These errors cause due to basic things and if you follow basic requirements, you’ll never see these errors. Take a look:

Parse Error

If you have ever installed some software on your computer, sometimes you have noticed some software give you error that you must have latest version of operating system in order to install this particular software. OR you must have latest version of FRAMEWORK to install a particular software.

Same is the case with Mobdro and here, they denote the error with “Parse Error”. The Mobdro Parse Error occurred when your smartphone runs lower version than Android 4.1 !

Mobdro app needs the latest version of Android system to function properly and if you are running the old version, you will end up with having parse error.

The developers have developed it based on latest technology and you must have to get Android 4.1 atleast if not the latest Android Nougat version.

No Connection Error 

This error is pretty easy to understand and resolve. As the name suggests itself, you will get this error if your internet speed is either very very low or its turn off often. Mobdro app needs reliable and uninterrupted Internet connection in order to avoid this error.

You must have come across this error such kind of error at the time of watching videos on Youtube and other video streaming website. Get a reliable internet connection to avoid this error.

Download Mobdro APK 2018 Latest Version for Android & Firestick

Mobdro app in one of the most popular online TV and Movies streaming app and the developers keep on updating it with latest features and error fixing. The latest version of Mobdro always have something new that you might or might not able to figure out.

Sometime the developer makes internal changes that you generally don’t see, some other time they make changes to interface or add new feature which can be easily noticed. So if you are looking for the latest version of Mobdro APK, you can download it from below link:

How to install Mobdro APK 2018

It is very very simple to download and install Mobdro app on your smartphone. You can do that even if you aren’t tech savvy because its very simple. All you have to download Mobdro APK file tap to install it. Follow below process:

Step:1-Go to Settings>Security and check “Unknown Sources”. It will allow installation from other sources than Google Play

Step:2-Download Mobdro APK from above. When you click above button, the download will start (I assume you are on your smartphone).

Step:3– Tap the downloaded file and let the process begin.

Step:4– Allow it for sometime till the installation gets completed.

Step:5– Once the installation is done, you will see Mobdro shortcut on the Home Screen. Tap Mobdro short cut to start app and watch videos online.

Mobdro for Kindle Fire Stick

The process of getting Mobdro for Kindle Firestick is almost same as above method. So if you have understood to get it for Android, you wouldn’t be facing any problem with Kindle firestick too. Take a look at below process:

Step:1-Open Firestrick

Step:2– Now you need to allow Firestick to install app from unknown sources.

Step:3-Go to Settings>System>Developer Options.

Step:4-Now you need to Turn ON “apps from unknown sources”

Step:5– Download latest Mobdro APK file above.

Step:6-The download will start. Allow it to download the file.

Step:7– Tap the downloaded file and installation will begin. Let it finish.

Step:8– Once finished, you will see the shortcut on the home screen.

Enjoy! you have installed Mobdro for Firestick.

Mobdro for Android and Firestick is easy to get but there is not way to get Mobdro for iPhone, iOS however there are many apps like Mobdro in case you want something similar for iPhone.

The most close alternative of Mobdro app is Cinemabox. You can download Cinemabox executable file by typing in Google search pretty easily. The other alternative of Mobdro is Showbox in case Cinemabox doesn’t work for you! Grab any of these two alternative of Mobro and have fun !

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