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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

Samsung has captured major chunk of world’s smartphone market because of the innovation and technology that the company incorporates in its smartphone and other gadgets such as Tablet, VR Headsets, Laptops etc. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster, the company tried to regain customer’s trust with Galaxy Note 8 and now all set for Note 9 release. In this article, I’ll cover all the news related to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date, Note 9 Price, Specification, Features and other rumors. So if you are a fan of Note series smartphone from South Korean brand, I’d advise to bookmark this page as it is going to be the biggest post on the latest rumors / news about Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The company Samsung tops the chart of largest smartphone sellers in the world and it has been #1 since many years. It is because of the fact that the company uses latest technology in its smartphone and that too in an innovative way. For example the curved edge design, improved Bixabay personal assistant, Infinity Display and Improved S Pen etc.

Galaxy Note 9

After Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the company made a great comeback with Galaxy Note 8 after performing series of tests to make sure it doesn’t burst or cause any problem to the customers.

The response of the customers to Note 8 was so overwhelming that the pre-orders for Note 8 been 2.5 times more than Note 7 according to Reuters. The company received 650,000 pre-orders for Note 8 in just five days from 40 countries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

It seems the company has already built trust with the customers and it reflects by the fact that pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy note 8 went 2.5 more than Note 7. The South Korea tech giant is all set for the launch of next Note series smartphone of 2018 and let’s see what new the company has to offer with Note 9.

We anticipate that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 release date will fall in August/ September month of 2018 and there are reasons for the same. First reasons being the release trend! If we see the release dates of previous version of Note series smartphone, they are released during August, September & October month ever year.

Samsung Galaxy Note Version Release date
Galaxy Note (first gen) October 2011
Galaxy Note II September 2012
Galaxy Note 3 September 2013
Galaxy Note 4 October 2014
Galaxy Note 5 August 2015
Galaxy Note 7 August 2016
Galaxy Note 8 September 2017
Galaxy Note 9 (Expected) August/September 2018

The other reason for Galaxy Note 8 release date to be in month of August / September 2018 is to give biggest rival Apple cut throat competition that generally releases iPhone in the month of September too. According to the rumors, iPhone 9 release date may fall in the month of September again in 2018.

Moreover, the September month release makes more sense because its a festive season and larger number of people purchase new smartphones during this time. It has been noticed that any smartphone maker sells the most number of units around same time every year because of Christmas and New Year and the company wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to maximise Note 9 sales.

Although, the Samsung have other biggest smartphone, Galaxy S9 (S9 Plus) of the year 2018 lined up for release during first quarter followed by a few more models throughout the year.

According to the rumors, Galaxy S9 release date should be in the month of March/ April but it might release much earlier. The latest rumors suggest it could be release in January month of 2018.

Galaxy Note 9 Specification and Features-

Well, it goes without saying that every new smartphone that South Korea based tech giant releases, it comes with super advanced specification and features that the rivals copy in their upcoming smartphones. When it comes to Note series smartphone, it is always a super cool, stylish, feature packed smartphone and have robust specifications.

Let’s take a look at what the current rumors have to say along with our analysis about upcoming Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Design and Display-

One of the important thing that attracts the customers is the design of a smartphone and note to mention, Samsung is pretty good at it. The company experiments with the design and so far whatever they have done, it has been a great hit.

The Galaxy Note 8 featured dual curve edge design and it looks like the company will continue with the same design for Galaxy Note 9 as well. However the material used for the body will be a combination of Glass and Metal just like Galaxy Note 8.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone may have embodied finger print scanner on the screen instead of rear finger print scanner in Galaxy Note 8. As far as the display is concern, the phone likely to have same 6.3-inches Super AMOLED display protected by Cornings Gorilla Glass 5.

Apart from that Galaxy Note 9 might have pixel resolution better than Galaxy Note 8. It could get 4K resolution that will make the screen look more brighter.

Operating System-

Samsung is one of the company that features latest technology and as far as the operating system is concern, Galaxy Note 9 seems to be working on Android Oreo operating system with an option to upgrade to next version if any new version of Android operating system arrives prior to its launch.

Processor and Memory-

Processor and memory is the most important components of a smartphone. It contributes directly to the processing speed of a smartphone, hence it becomes important for the customers to buy a smartphone with faster processor.

Yes, Samsung takes care of this factor and every new Galaxy Note series smartphone gets one of the fastest processor. The company yet again seems to be repeating same thing again and Galaxy Note 9 might sport Octo-core processor clocking at 4×2.4 GHz & 4×1.9 GHz along with latest Snapdragon 845 Chipset that will help you do multiple tasks at the same time without any lag.

The phone’s processing speed will further be improved by supplying phone with massive 8GB RAM and come in three different variants of internal memory storage of 64 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB

It will also have microSD card slot to expand memory size upto 256 GB (max). It will have Andreno 540 GPU as well to further support phone’s performance.

Along with Octo-core processor, Snapdragon 845 Chipset (not yet released) & Andreno 540 GPU, the Galaxy Note 9 going to be a beast !

Galaxy Note 9 Camera-

Well well, here comes the most important thing for the customer. The smartphone today is not mere instrument to make calls, it does lots of other things, most importantly – Clicking photo!

Samsung always tweak camera of its smartphone to offer the best picture clicking experience to the customers and we are anticipating something special with Galaxy Note 9. The phone will have dual lens rear as well as front facing camera for taking best quality selfies.

As far as the megapixel count of the camera is concern, Note 9 may get 16 megapixels rear camera and same megapixels front facing camera. The camera may get upto 4x optical zoom for clicking clearer photographs of the objects which are far away from you.

It will include features like Geo-tagging, Flash Light, Optical Image Stabilizer, Touch Focus, Auto Focus etc. It will be able to record 4K videos from both the cameras apart from shooting videos of 2160p at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 240fps.


There has been lot of improvement with Galaxy Note series smartphone’s battery and it going to have even better battery this time again. It could have massive 3,800 mAh power non-removable Li-ion battery that will last longer than Galaxy Note 8.

The rumors also suggest that Galaxy Note 9 might get dual battery for longer use of smartphone before charging it again. It will be a life savor when you are traveling long distance and unable to charge your phone.

Other features of Galaxy Note 9:

Apart from above said features and specifications, the Galaxy Note 9 might come with following features as well.

  • Even Faster Charging.
  • Long distance wireless charging.
  • Dual Battery
  • S Pen upgrade
  • 4K smartphone – First ever !
  • 3D facial recognition
  • Further improved personal assistance Bixabay.
  • Even bazel-less

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price:

The price of Galaxy Note 9 will be almost same as what the customer have to spend for Galaxy Note 8 today. Though there is not much hints available about the price but as per our analysis, Galaxy Note 9 price might fall in price rage of $900-999 in the United States. It could vary in different countries based on their own commercial taxes and policies.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Release Date, Price, Specs, Features
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