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What Song is this ?- Recognise a song with these methods

What Song is this ?- Recognise a song with these methods

Are you looking to recognise a song that was playing on the radio while you were taking a ride in a taxi? Do you want to know what song is this which your neighbor currently playing in his car? Or are you looking to find this particular song you can’t recall lyrics of but can hum it?

If you have stuck in any such situation and really need to identify a song, this article could help you ! In this post I’ll discuss various ways to identify a song if you know portion of song’s lyrics or by humming. This tutorial will guide you to know what song is this that you can not get off your mind.

Today everyone has a smartphone and we have apps to perform various tasks via the smartphone. For example if you are looking to get out but before that need to know how the weather would be throughout the day, you have an app for that. If you are looking to find out the temperature outside, you can do with an app as well.

Similarly, we can use different apps to recognise a song as well

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What song is this – Recognise a song by apps

So, since the smartphone has become an integral part of everyone life, we will be taking help from various music apps to find out what song is this that you are currently listening in a restaurant or have heard before. You just need to know part of lyrics, or you can identify the song by humming as well.

In some cases you listen to the full song yet can’t identify it. It could be due to the fact that its a latest song or not so old one but you have never heard it before.

Don’t worry, this article will surely help you identify a song you liked. Take a look:

What song is this – using Shazam app

If you are a music lover, you must have Shazam app installed on your smartphone. Shazam is a music app that let you listen to the latest songs and the old one too. You can search songs or the artists you want to play songs of with search option.

This beautiful app not only allow you to listen to the songs, but it can be used for other purpose as well. Shazam app can help you recognise a song which is currently being played. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Open Shazam app on your smartphone. Download and install it on your smartphone if you don’t have it already.
  2. Bring smartphone closer to music source.
  3. Tap on “Touch to Shazam”Shazam app
  4. Shazam app will listen to the song, allow it for sometime.shazam app listening
  5. In few mins, you will have the song recognised. Congratulations ! you now know the song you were searching for.
Tip: If you know a small part of this song, you may sing and let shazam recognise it.


The other similar app that you could use to identify a song is SoundHound. Its again a music app and have been downloaded by several million users across the world.

I am sure if you are a music lover, you must be knowing SoundHound. There is great chances you have it installed already. If not get it now ! Here is how to know- What song is this using SoundHound.

  1. Open SoundHound on your smartphone, install it from app store if you don’t have it.soundhound app
  2. Take your smartphone closer to music source.
  3. The app will listen to the song, allow it for sometime.soundhound app listening
  4. SoundHound will recognise the song and present you. You can click to play it !

What song is this – Recognise a song with “Google Ok”

If you are an android smartphone user, you can take help of “Google Ok” as well.

Google Ok is nothing but voice recognition app that listens to you or the source of the music and displays results.

Hence if you have the song playing around you and you want to recognise it, start “Google Ok” on your smartphone and bring it closer to music source. It will listen and display results that might contain song you were trying to find out.


Recognise a song with Google Ok Search

If you know part of the song, you can use Google Search to recognise the song. This is the most effective way of recognising a song but here you need to know part of the lyrics.

If you know some lyrics, do the following:

  1. Open Google on your smartphone or the laptop.
  2. Type lyrics that you remember.
  3. Hit search button and the search result would probably have the song you were looking to find out.

Take help from people

The apps, search engines are kind of software that works according to pre defined criteria and they can not be as effective as human being. In this section, we will take help from the people who have interest in music and are kind of experts.

Here is how we can go about it.

Thankfully we have a dedicated website or I’d rather say a community  where you can take help from real people to identify a song.

What Song is This

The website, I am talking about is WatZatSong!  The website has thousands of active users that could help you know the song. Here is the process:

  1. Record part of lyrics if you remember them or hum song and record it.
  2. Go to WatZatSong website and click on “Post a Sample”
  3. Sign up for an account. The process is very simple and asks for basic informations.
  4. Once sign up is completed, login to your account and upload the sample you have recorded.
  5. After sample is uploaded, wait for sometime till the users listen to it and answer.
  6. You will receive a notification when someone answers you. That’s all !
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